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Ball Valve
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Specification of Ball Valve

Ball Valve has a shape resembling a round disc (like a ball / hemisphere). Ball valve is used to control flow. It is designed with a hole in the middle so that when the hole is in a straight line or in line with the two ends of the valve / valve, the flow will occur.

-Size. : 1/2 Inch - 2 Inch - Body Material: A105, Kuningan, A182 F304 / 316 / L
-Series: 1Pcs, Two Pieces, 3 Pieces
-Rating: 125 #, 400 #, 800 #, 1500 #, 2500 # -Connection: Socketweld
-Brand: Kitz, GLT, GBA, Crane, FBIC, GWC, Applications: Petroleum, Liquid Natural Gas, Oil Waste Water, Fire Hydrant, Plumbing

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